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Fashion tips can cover different topics, from the right colors and fabrics to wear and which styles to avoid, there are a lot do’s and don’ts  out there. Today’s fashion tips are for short girls and how to have more confidence and stand tall. I will give you tips to create the illusion of extra height and make it look like you have legs for days.

1. Stick to one or two colors

Go for a monochrome look. Wearing an outfit in a single color from head to toe can help create an elongated silhouette, giving the illusion of height. So go for a black and white look or get out your comfort zone and wear a mustard yellow two piece set this summer.

Wearing too many colors will break up your silhouette and will create a blocky appereance.

short girl outfit idea

2. Avoid ankle straps

Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps if you’re aiming for longer legs. Straps will make your legs look thicker and shorter. Opt for nude pointy pumps if you want killer legs like Gigi Hadid.

3. Choose the right neckline

This tip is an uncommon one. Did you know that the neckline of your shirt or dress is super important if you want to create the illusion of extra height? Go for a V-neck or U-shaped neckline if you’re a petite girl. Another bonus is that these necklines are more flattering than high necks and collars.

short girl outfit

4. Heels over flats

An obvious fashion tip for short girls is to wear heels more often. Whether you’re after a bit of a lift or added inches, a pair of heeled shoes will physically give you extra height. Are you getting tired by the thought of wearing stilettos all day? Go for a saver option and try wedges instead.

5. Go for high waisted styles

Creating the appearance of being taller is all about the right proportions. Wearing shorts, pants or skirts with a high waist creates a kind of optical illusion. The higher waist leads to the appearance of longer legs and thus a more gorgeous silhouette.

6. To the max

I used to avoid maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I always thought I was too short to wear these gorgeous gowns. But luckily I learned to love maxi dresses and you should too! My fashion tip for short girls is that to make the maxi work for you, stick to sleek column-style skirts and dresses. A sexy split in the skirt will work as magic too!

petite girl outfit

7. Avoid oversized handbags

Accessories are key, that’s something every fashionista knows. The right accessories have a huge impact on your overall look, but the wrong accessories can have a huge impact too. So it’s important to know which we short ladies need to avoid. An oversized handbag is one of the no-goes for short girls. The big handbag can swamp your silhouette and will make you look shorter than you are.

8. Avoid Cropped pants

Shopping for new pants? Avoid all the cropped styles. Just like ankle straps, pants that finish above the shoe can also create the appearance of thicker legs. If you want longer legs, make sure that your pants cover most of your shoes.

short girl outfit tips

9. Choose thin belts

You already know that accessories are important to create the perfect silhouette. Belts are one of the most important accessories to add more body to your outfit. Short girls should avoid big belts and should embrace the slimmer ones, they are better proportioned and fashionable.

10. Go for the right print

Prints are ever so popular when it comes to clothing. However, choosing the right kind of print can also play a part when creating the illusion of height. Shorter girls should avoid wide patterns and prints. Instead, go for long patterns or prints that seem to cascade down.


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