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You can never start too early with taking care of your skin. But all the different moisturizers, creams and healthy drinks can be quite overwhelming, so we’re here to help you out. Just stick to the basics for skincare and you’ll have a glowy skin in no time.

1. Don’t fall for cheap

Always wondering how celebs and influencers have a perfect skin, even when you know they put on tons of makeup? It’s because they use the best skincare products there is. And we can assure you, these products aren’t cheap. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that you need to spends hundreds of dollars on moisturizers. We’re all on a budget in our twenties ;-). Just go for quality products and not for skincare products from the $1 store. Pro tip: Save some money every month and invest in good skincare products once in three months. After all, you don’t need new products every month.


2. Green smoothies

A few years ago Gwyneth Patrol was in the news for something other than her acting work. Gwyneth (and lots of other celebs and bloggers) starts her day with a green smoothie and it leads to the perfect skin. How? Vegetables and fruits are full of healthy nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. And this is the key for gorgeous looking skin. Pro tip: cut out the dairy and replace it for nut milk or coconut water.

3. Cut the layers

If you’re still dealing with acne or starring, it might be best to cut the foundation from your makeup routine. The best way to get a gorgeous skin is to keep it clean and that means that you need to stop with layers of foundation. Girl, give your skin sometime to breath and recover. We know it is a big step to got butt naked, especially when you’re used to cover up your insecurities with foundation and concealer. But trust us, it’s totally worth it to take a break from foundation. Pro tip: Don’t feel comfortable without any coverage on your skin? Switch to BB cream or mix your foundation with a day cream for the coverage that you want, yet keep it light and hydrating.

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4. Wash it baby

This might seem obvious, but there are still lots of ladies out there who don’t wash their face daily. But please don’t be a lazy B*! We get that you want to keep that wing liner on point, but trust us, it will do more harm than good. With all the sweat, pollution, makeup and general dirt and grime, you need to wash your face at least twice a day. Pro tip: Get a face wash with a lovely smell and and feel so you’ll look forward to wash your face.

5. It’s all about the balance  

Okay, before you go all crazy in the drugstore. Please don’t exaggerate it. With skincare, balance is key. Stick to 4 to 5 skincare products (Facewash, tonic, day/night cream, moisturizer, BB cream) and go easy. Your skin is at her best in your 20s so it is important to nourish it. Pro tip: Try out products from one brand and don’t mix it up. Products from one product line usually complement each other, so you’ll have glowy skin in no time.

6. Avoid the sun

Summer is here and we all just love to catch some sun and get tanned. This is really a no go if you want to improve your skin. The sun causes all sorts of damage from spots, burns, discoloration, dehydration, peeling etc. A cute cap or umbrella will save you from those harsh rays. Pro tip: Always carry some sunscreen in your purse. If you still want to get a tan, just go for a spray tan or use a bronzer.

7. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Whether you chose to moisturize in the morning or before your beauty sleep, a quick and gentle massage with your best moisturizer is key. Remember to always massage in circles and an upward motion, working the cream into your skin.  The cream will keep skin supple whereas the massage will circulate oxygen and invigorate tired muscles and skin cells.

8. Know when to move on

Sometimes you keep using to same products even when it doesn’t really suit your skin type. So it is important that you know when to move on. Pass it on to your bestie or sister. Pro tip: When you get more break outs or your skin still feels dry after your daily skincare regime, it’s time to move on.

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