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Juulsy - About us

How it all started

The idea of Juulsy.com started years ago. As all girls our founder loved online shopping. She had a passion for searching the web and loved to discover new (foreign) shops.  Her friends used to stalk her day and night to find out where she bought that perfect lace top of cool jeans.

She was always busy with emailing them her favorite shops based in the UK, United States, Spain and even Down Under, Australia. One evening she had this great idea of building a platform where gyals from all over the world can discover new shops from other countries and shop their products with just one click.

So, what are we all about?

Juulsy.com is the place to be for women of generation Y to discover their style, meet new brands and learn all about the latest trends worldwide.

You can read about the style of celebrities and influencers and shop the same products with just one click. We, Millennials love to discover new things, but we don’t always have the time to do the research themselves. Juulsy.com gives you a platform where you can see all the trending shops from all the trendiest cities worldwide

Juulsy - How we started